Sunday, June 16, 2019

On This Day - "The Boss Speaks"

On this day in 1944, the Milwaukee Chicks of the All-American Girls Professional Ball League found themselves temporarily unable to play a scheduled game against the Rockford Peaches.

The night before, a storm had torn off part of Borchert Field's roof during the seventh inning of a Brewer game. The Brewers had to postpone the rest of that one game but were otherwise unaffected, as that was their last home game before a three-week road trip. The Chicks, on the other hand, were supposed to play that very next day.

The Chicks converted their Friday night contest to the first game in a Saturday double-header. But while they might not have been able to play, that didn't mean the women couldn't practice, as captured by the Milwaukee Sentinel's photographer:.


Max Carey, pilot of the Milwaukee Chicks of the All-American Girls' Ball league, gives a few fine pointers on the art of playing first base to Betty Whitting, the handy Ann of the team, who is filling in at the initial sack after Delores Klosowski suffered a fractured ankle. Looking on are four newcomers to the team, left to right: Shortstop Pat Keagle of Phoenix, Ariz., Center Fielder Vicki Panos, Edmonton, Alberta, Can.; Third Baseman Doris Tezlaff, Watertown, Wis., and Pitcher Clara Cook, Elmira, N.Y. The Chicks open a lengthy home stay at Borchert field Saturday afternoon with a twin bill scheduled against the Rockford Peaches, managed by Jack Kloza, former Brewer slugging ace.
Sentinel photo.
The Chicks had been banged up for some time, interesting to see Carey's reinforcements arrive.

"Initial sack" is rarely seen these days, but shows how desperate sportswriters can be to avoid the standard list of synonyms.

Funny - over Ms. Whitting's left shoulder you can make out the wreckage of the first base grandstand roof awaiting cleanup.

The Orchard would be ready to go on Saturday for the first game of the double-header. And so were the new ballplayers. But Mother Nature had other plans for Mother Carey's Chicks, raining out Saturday's double-bill and giving Milwaukee one more day to rest and recover.

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