Sunday, June 30, 2019

"Milwaukee Chicks Night" at Miller Park!

After years of waiting, the day finally arrived.

Last night was Milwaukee Chicks night at Miller Park, honoring the team's 75th Anniversary.

The Crew had a signing with two former players, Eileen Gascon and Sister Toni Palermo, PhD (although neither played for the Chicks, unfortunately, as there are no surviving players). As fans were funneling into the ballpark, the team was hosting trivia games on the scoreboard and piped onto the televisions throughout the concourse.

Before the game, the club hosted a ceremony on the field, in which AAGPBL President Rick Chapman, son of Milwaukee Chicks catcher Dorothy Maguire, displayed the "Milwaukee Chicks Day" proclamation for the crowd.

That was part of a full ceremony, where Chapman, Gascon, and Palermo were joined by Claudia Key (daughter of Viola Griffin) and Marie Wronski, Terri Czeslowski and Christine Weimann (sister and daughters of Sylvia Wronski, respectively). The audio quality of this video isn't the best, but you can see what they had on the jumbotron:

Throughout the game, they had photos of the Chicks on the main scoreboard:

UW-Milwaukee sponsored a trivia contest in which fans were encouraged to guess the final record of the Chicks in 1944:

Representation matters. It matters to see these women so honored. It matters to see the Chicks incorporated into the gameday experience, even in the more trivial or silly moments. This is how our history is preserved.

Chapman and the others from the AAGPBL were gracious enough to invite me to their suite during the game, where I snapped this selfie with Chris Wiemann and Rick:

And yes, I was wearing my reproduction jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels.

And of course, no visit to Miller Park would be complete without a visit to the Chicks' display, tucked away behind the Hot Corner:

Thanks to the Brewers for everything they did to recognize these heroes on their 75th Anniversary! I hope this can become a regular feature at Brewer games.

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