Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1936 Junior World Series Wire Photo - Gullic Scores!

In honor of the Fall Classic, which shifts back to Boston tomorrow night, we present this look at a Fall Classic somewhat closer to home.


The opening game of the 1936 renewal of the "Junior World Series" between the Milwaukee Brewers, champions of the American Association, and the Buffalo Bisons, champs of the International League, was won by the Brewers 7 - 5. The game was played at night in Milwaukee. The above photo shows Gullic, Milwaukee right fielder, crossing the plate after hitting a homer in the 5th inning and scoring Wilburn ahead of him.
The Junior World Series (or Little World Series) was contested annually between clubs from the American Association and International League. Not necessarily by the pennant winners; the league champions competed with runner-up clubs in a postseason playoff to determine the Association's representative to the Series. In this case, the Brewers had won both the pennant and the playoff.

I love the uniform Ted Gullic is wearing, block "M" with red and navy piping, topped off with a navy-and-red cap. We've seen color photos of that uniform before.

It's a rare look at the Orchard at night, but unfortunately the limitations of the era's photographic technology and the lights at Borchert Field mean we can't see much beyond the foreground. Looking down the thid base line, I can just make out the bag and the white flannel trousers of the base coach, but that's it.

I'm intrigued by the jerseys. On the front, a blue M with red trim.

That looks like the signature number font of McAuliffe, a uniform manufacturer based in Boston (the Red Sox still use the font today). The belt loops don't match up with Gullic's - could that be the Buffalo ballboy congratulating him?

No game coverage from the Milwaukee papers is available online, but we have a box score from the Rochester Evening Journal and Post Express.

"Bisons Lose!" What a headline.

The Brewers would go on to take the Junior World Series in five games, adding the title "minor league champions" to their American Association pennant for 1936.

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  1. #20 is Richard J. Bergner... The Milwaukee Brewers 1936 Batboy. The jersey is made by AG Spalding & Bros. and also has a MILW stitched into the inside collar.