Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pafko With the Brews, 1942

Following the news that Andy Pafko has passed away, contributor Paul Tenpenny offers us this rare (if obstructed) view of Pafko in a Brewer uniform.

The photo was taken in Ocala, Florida on March 12, 1942. Left to right we have Stan Stencel, Bob Perthel, Pafko and Ted Gullic. Put your arm down, Ted, we can't see Andy's face!

Although the Brewers had ordered new uniforms for 1942, with "Brewers" across the chest for the first time, those are the old versions. Blue piping and caps, white "M" on the cap and red "M" on the chest. They would continue to see scattered service for at least the next two seasons.

As for the men wearing those uniforms, Gullic was a veteran in his tenth and final season at Borchert Field. Stencel had spent the first half of 1941 patrolling left field in the Orchard before finishing the season at the Brewers' top farm club in Madison. Perthel was a local kid, signed by the Brewers off an American Legion team in West Allis. And Pafko, of course, he didn't make the Brewer club that year, but he would be back. When he finally did make it to Milwaukee it wouldn't be to the Orchard but the brand-new County Stadium in a Braves uniform.

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