Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today in 1913 - The Grizzlies Tie the Series

The Brewers came into their second game of the minor league championship series one up on the Denver Grizzlies. They had hit hard and well the previous day, pulling out the game when weather had threatened to shut it down early (and with a Denver lead).

The second game was very different. It was played under clear, beautiful skies, and where 3500 fans had showed up for the first game over 10,000 were in attendance at the second. They filled the stands and overflowed on to the field, filling the foul territory and lining the field with a living outfield wall.

Those ten thousand Colorado "bugs" saw a great show. It was a strong defensive affair, with only one error (the two teams had combined for 8 in the first game). As valiant as Milwaukee's glove work was, their couldn't get a handle on Denver's pitching.

Joe Hovlik got the start for the Brews. He pitched a fine game, allowing only nine hits, but the luck just wasn't going Milwaukee's way this day. Pitcher Cy Slapnicka, still filling in for Pep Clark at third, was caught leading off first base in the ninth inning. When the umpire called the final out, it was Milwaukee 2 and Denver 3. The Grizzlies had tied the series.

Even in defeat, the general consensus was that the Brewers were making a better showing than the Minneapolis Millers had in the prior season. They came to Denver dragging an American Association pennant in 1912 and got swept back to Minnesota. Not that it mattered to the Brews; they came to win the minor league crown, not get style points. They were ready for Game Three.


  1. Great series so far- I feel like I'm there!

    Question: were those first two games played in Denver? It seems like they were, but the box score lists Denver on top. Was the convention back then to list the home team first, like with modern-day soccer, or was it a newspaper error or something else?

  2. The entire series was actually played in Denver. But you're right about the box scores - it was common then to list the home team first.

    I don't know why that is or when it changed - the modern convention seems a lot more logical, since we read top to bottom.