Monday, October 14, 2013

Today in 1913 - Back to the Series

After a day off, the Brewers and Denver Grizzlies faced off for Game 3 of their postseason series to determine the minor league crown. The series was tied, 1-1, as the day began.

Dispatches were slow coming from Denver. It must have been especially frustrating for readers of the Milwaukee Journal, who were used to having the day's scores delivered with their afternoon paper. While waiting, the Journal was finally able to bring its readers their first pictures from Denver:

Outstanding. I love the long coat worn by pitcher Tom Dougherty, here doubling as third base coach. 

Unfortunately, that day's game didn't look so good to Milwaukee fans. The Grizzlies came out hard, hitting Ralph Cutting for three runs in four innings before Cutting was pulled for Joe Hovlik. "Pep" Clark's hand was feeling well enough for him to return to his third base duties, but he was largely a non-factor in this contest.

The most dramatic moment came in the fourth inning, with the Brewers down 3-2. Two men were on when Joe Burg came up to bat. He hit a long fly ball to center and - well, I'll let the Sentinel provide the description:
It was away over (Denver center fielder Les) Channell's head and bound for the space beyond the line of wire extended in the field for the overflow crowds on big days. Channell vaulted the wire and caught the ball, saving it from shattering the glass shield of an automobile. Runners had left the bases and had to hustle back to keep from being tagged out.
Not to be left out, Milwaukee Journal cartoonist Fred Bernau gave readers his take on the play:

Denver now had its first lead of the series, and worse yet had all the momentum. Although they were playing well, the Brewers were running the risk of being bounced out of Denver as ignominiously as Minneapolis had the year before. They would have to find a way to turn the series around.

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