Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something New for Your Walls - MoonlightWraps!

I recently discovered a shop on Etsy that will interest everyone who loves baseball's design history. MoonlightWraps offers "vintage memorabilia handcrafted into Gallery Wraps", or printed canvasses stretched around wooden frames.

MoonlightWraps currently offers nearly a hundred vintage images re-created as wall hangings. Although those run the gamut from WPA posters to an apple crate label, the vast majority are sports-related and the vast majority of those are baseball score card covers, including two from our Brews.

The first is this beauty from 1944, featuring team mascot Owgust going up to snag a line drive. We took an in-depth look at this program back in October of 2012, and the cover remains one of my favorites.

This graphic was also used on the Brewers' pocket schedules that season.

MoonlightWraps is also selling a 10x14 wrap reproducing the cover of the Brewers' 1950 score card, with Owgust donning the Tools of Ignorance.

This version of Owgust was also re-used by the team, appearing on pocket schedules the following season.

These wraps are charming, and I'm going to order a set.

If we can demonstrate a market, perhaps MoonlightWraps will expand their Brewers offerings. The 1942, 1943, and 1947 score cards would be excellent choices for the next installment in this series, as would the 1943 or 1952 pocket schedules. Even the December 1944 issue of Brewer News might make a nice holiday-themed collectible.

Baseball has such a rich æsthetic legacy, it's always good to see it being valued and commemorated.

Best of luck to MoonlightWraps; I hope this line is very successful.

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