Monday, August 20, 2018

Milwaukee Chicks Bobblehead Now Available

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Players Association is introducing new Milwaukee Chicks merchandise. The latest entry is a bobblehead, one of a series of fifteen commemorating all the clubs that played in the league.

Looks like they got the cap right, which is important given problems in the past.

We could nitpick about the AAGPBL logo on her sleeve—the Chicks didn't wear that patch—but that seems a reasonable addition. The logo on her chest, though, is something else.

This isn't the patch they wore, which was black, red, and white featuring "Wisconsin" along the bottom instead of "The Chicks". It isn't even the new "official" logo the AAGPBL introduced earlier this year, in red and blue. This appears to be the really old one, the yellow-accented logo as seen on the reproduction Chicks uniform currently on display at Miller Park.

Original game-worn 1944 logo patch2018 modern interpretationOriginal inaccurate interpretation

That's a little disappointing. But it can't seriously diminish my joy at finally seeing the Chicks honored in such a traditional "baseball" fashion.

This bobblehead is currenly available at Teambrown Apparel and directly from the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee. Quantities are limited to 500, so don't delay!

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